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December 15, 2008

Incredible club penguin – BETA HAT CHEAT

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There is and was a way to actually get a real BETA hat for your penguin to keep.

It was back when they had the new test server’s. This kid named microchip123 made a trainer to become a actual beta that people could actually see. It was a amazing cheat and it lasted for a about 4 days, then “Club penguin cheats” on those test server’s never happened again.

Here is a actual picture of me and a few other people with bet hat’s!


  • That was me on Basketball45 ( My name got changed because they actually banned me in my igloo.)
  • These above our my two accounts with beta hats. ( On left is Basketball45 and on right is bball43.
I ended up getting banned for it, but there was an actual way to get it.
( Remember hacking isn’t right to do so please do not try with your real account )
Below are some questions and answers.
  • Q:  Is there a way to still get the BETA HAT?
  • A: Yes the program is called WPE PRO
  • Q: Is there any trainers that could?
  • A: Nope there are none right now.
Well I will have more about this later on.

December 14, 2008

Rockhopper Tracking Team – UPDATED page’s

  • We are devoted to finding Rockhopper for you and that is why I have made a page for you viewer’s and I to comment… to find Rockhopper way faster.
I was wanting to make a TRACKER, but instead we are only updating you by leaving a comment telling where he was last seen.
Click here to be lead to the RHST ( Rockhopper tracking team )
  • Rockhopper is roaming everywhere lately and we are keeping you updated by letting you REFRESH the page to see where he might be located.
Rockhopper was last spotted in:
  • Location: Frozen
  • Room: The Ice Berg
Time was: Club penguin time (  2:50 pm )
We will keep you updated on this so refresh or leav a comment on where you have seen him!
In other new’s we have updated our site.
  • Our page’s are update click each link to view them.
  1. New picture’s in the funny page – CLICK HERE
  2. New password box page – CLICK HERE ( Giveaway your old penguin’s )
  3. Would you like to be FAMOUS faster on “Club Penguin”  CLICK HERE
Thank you and leave your comment below, REMEMBER that “Club penguin” has Rockhopper going everywhere so to help use out leave a comment for us to tell the rest of the viewers of where he is located.

Toys arrive in UK

Club Penguin has just made the plush toy’s available to UK player’s now.

They have all sorts of toy’s to play with. Look below for more details:

1. 6″ Limited Penguin’s

2. 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figure’s

3. 4″ pet puffle’s

4. Igloo playsets

Below is a full picture.


I will have more information to come.


Billy Bob rumor’s

Everyone is saying that Club Penguin has Billy bob running around the world of CP…

well don’t believe it til’ you really actually see Billy Bob. People are claiming that they have a Billy Bob tracker, this might be true just I really honestly think the tracker’s are just kinda a waste of time. I mean they are great for people who have hard time’s finding RH, but the person who made the widget could just be telling you a totally opposite direction.

But anyways Billy Bob has been seen around Club Penguin lately so keep a really close eye out for him.

Witnesses say he was last seen on Frozen – Town

This is the clothing he is wearing at the moment, it isn’t anything special just his normal look.


There is a possibility of Screen hog and the rest of the gang to all appear in each server tomarrow, but I am not officially saying that.
For now waddle off – I am out

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