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December 16, 2008

Club penguin Christams party sneek peek

ClubPenguin has made an update on their blog about the upcoming Christmas party. The picture is looking  very nice, looks like a  work shop will be upstairs above the Dance Club.
There is also a new community wallpaper. ( It is Christmas oriented )
Also I will be the FIRST to have all the Christmas ” club penguin cheats ” .

December 6, 2008

Hey everyone

I am sorry for eveything that has happened on this site, it used to be a informal club penguin cheats site, so now that I am off school for a little I am going to  be working constantly on this site now… for the contest I will make up another and this time it will be for real because I let my little brother take it over and now it has become this.

Anyway I will try hard to post more often!

Thanks 🙂

September 30, 2008

Club penguin updates also insane penguin giveaway!

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First off, CP plush toys are coming out October 24th and they will be available in TOYS R’ US stores, Disney stores and the CP store that is conviently located on the CP site!

Download here

There is two things to DOWLOAD.

Also there is an update on the Fair the background is the old one which is cool for the people who haven’t gotten it yet. Here is a picture of it.


Also I decided to have a new contest since the membership contest was cancelled due to arguing and more things I can not say. So anyways I am giving away BASKETBALL45.

So here are the rules they are very easy just like the membership contest we are doing another commenting contest which is very easy to participate in!

Here is a picture of BASKETBALL45.

Below is the following rules that have to be followed in order to win!

1. Comments always must contain a NUMBER and it must be in order:

Like in the first comment put 1 and in the other following comment put 2 and so on.

2. Kindness always have respect for your following competitors and never curse/racial slurs/abuse and other things that are inappropriate.

Thank you for READING and start commenting when ever!


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