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January 31, 2009

How to get free coin codes !

Hey everyone cpmonster here posting to tell everyone about a exciting way to get free coin and toy codes!

Frist off coin codes are useley won by entering contest and well buying them XD.

But if you dont got extra cash or mabey just dont live were you can by them can help!

click here To go to cpmonster’s comment contest.

Plese enter our contest!

click here to enter that!

Sorry for the short post very very busy at the moment!

icepop23 – cpmonster!

January 30, 2009

New Sport Shop catalog + Contest updated!

Hey everyone icepop23 here to post about the sport shop’s new catalog and to tell you about the contest update,


Frist off here is what some of the new gear may look like as your penguin…..


I like the looks of the stuff..

Here was what the new catalog cover looks like…


Here are the contents…..




I like the new catalog very exciting and diffirnt.

My favorite itum is the goalie gear its awesome! contest updates!

The contest hasent been getting many comments.
So to spice things up a bit I decied to throw something in the frist prize package!
(1) the series two code!
(2) Become a admin on my site!
(3) Blogroll forever!
(4) Buddy forever!
(5) Series 1 code!!!!!
Hope this adds alot of sizzile to the contest!!!!!!
click here to enter’s contest!
Thanks you so much everyone!
Enjoy and good luck!

January 27, 2009

Contest to welcome new owner!!!

Hey everyone hows it going?

I am throwing a contest for to welcome me to

After the old cpmonster gave me this site I went to my local toy “r” us and bought 2 series 2 toy codes and 2 1 month memberships.

I have decied to use 1 of the toy codes on my own penguin and 1 of the memberships.

But with the other code and membership I am giveing away to welcome me to this site.

heres how the contest goes….


The frist prize winner will recive a series 2 toy code.

These codes can unlock itums from the coin code catalog.


The second prize winner will win a one month membership.

This will give you all the member benifits on clubpenguin



These contest rules are simple.

Guess a number 1-1000

You can guess as many times as you like.

The person closet to the number will win the frist prize.

And the second closet will win the 2nd place prize.

Thanks to everyone that entered and good luck!


New Site Owner!

Hey everyone icepop23 and I will be working on this site from now on.

There has been rumors about the owner before me hacking/scamming people well they may be true or may not becuse its over now.

Anyway I will be makeing ccs for this site and posting updates

(See the new ccs I made it 😉 )

Anyway heres a picture of my penguin.


Hope you will enjoy the new 🙂


December 25, 2008

News paper issue #167

  • Start this post off by saying Merry Christmas to everyone that are viewers! ( Also new visitors )Here are interesting things in the paer. Club Penguin looks very Christmasie 🙂 ( Not real word )
  • Rockhopper has departed and just before Christmas … what a bummer 😦 But for the good thing Club penguin life slows down bit just to enjoy Christmas. Look below fairwell note:
  • Merry Christmas Club Penguin in a professional banner is below the headlines, still visible to all readers. Look below as the Club Penguin team brings you Christmas on Club Penguin .
  • Finally upcoming events ( These are surely going to be awesome)
  • Have a safe and great Christmas FROM: Club penguin cheats site.

December 12, 2008

How to find Rockhopper on Club penguin!

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Update on this post: 

I have added a page for update’s on Club Penguin – Rockhopper

Click here to view

Rochopper has last been spotted:

Location: Town – Mammoth

Time: 3:50 moutain time


Welcome to the guide to find Rockhopper.

There are many ways to find Rockhopper and the easiest way is to TALK to friends on CP and inorder to do that you might have to get a aim or a program that you can communicate over the internet, or another good idea is to actually get your ( Actual real friend’s number – Like cell phone number or land line and talk to them or text about where he might be ) Or just plan and simply talk to people over Club Penguin and blog’s like this one to find him!

If you have never meet him and you want to just talk amoung the people that have by leaving a comment below!

Here is an actual picture of Rockhopper who is very popular on Club Penguin:


Below are some great tip’s for finding RH on Club Penguin:

1. Just roam around Club Penguin and try to search in populated server’s like a good example is ( Mammoth or the highly recommended one’s are the Top page of server’s, because CP is always putting him in like the highest fully loaded server’s )

Here below is a picture of RH getting crowded:

I will be making a new page to help find him soon and also brand new update’s coming soon!


Also don’t forget to grab a bell and ring it for the Coin’s for change program.



December 11, 2008

Penguin Time’s – WINNER of BETA

The new’s paper is packed full of new information and incredible  “Club penguin”  updates!

First off we are proud to announce that  the WINNER of the beta contest is jimmy23 he commented a count of  4,712 time’s and all togather we recieved 30,212 thousand comment’s… that is incredible!

I have sent him an e-mail and he will recieve his penguin very soon!

Also if you have questions, or just want to talk my e-mail and aim are below:

aim -CPMONSTERBLOG ( That is my aim )

My e-mail is

Here are the new and upcoming events:

There is a new play called ( Quest for the golden puffle )


A better igloo catalog will be released tomarrow.


New postcards are also coming out.



Thats it for now later!


December 9, 2008

Christmas spoiler for Club Penguin + BETA GIVEAWAY (must see)

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Hello everyone,

         Billybob has gave us a sneek peek on the blog for club penguin and here is a picture he left for us to see ….


This party will be totally the best one yet!

For the penguins that are entered in my contest for the BETA penguin you can comment below for the contest and be counted for the comments, so get commenting!


Club penguin cheats and more at CPMONSTER’s site…

To come back to this site simple type in “CPMONSTER” in to the search engine you use to make my site appear.

December 8, 2008


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If the commenting is slow I will be making another post you guys can continue posting! Just comment leaving me a notice that ( IT IS SLOW ).

UPDATE: I will be giving away basketball45 for the 2nd giveaway, we will be stopping all comments on DECEMBER 15th… so make sure to comment alot! 🙂


Hola and what is before your eye’s is a real BETA GIVEAWAY and this time it is for real, nothing but a good clean COMMENTING CONTEST. Here at club penguin cheats and glitches we are proud to giveaway a beta before Christmas for you to use!


So if you want to win please leave us your comment below!

Remember comment as much as possible!

December 6, 2008

Hey everyone

I am sorry for eveything that has happened on this site, it used to be a informal club penguin cheats site, so now that I am off school for a little I am going to  be working constantly on this site now… for the contest I will make up another and this time it will be for real because I let my little brother take it over and now it has become this.

Anyway I will try hard to post more often!

Thanks 🙂

November 27, 2008

My new password box and contest goes for 1 more day!

Hey everyone Cpmonster here.

Well ive been looking at alot of peoples sites and I relly like password boxs so I made one

click here To go to that.

And our 6 month membership contest is going till tommrow!

Well thats it for now!


Happy thanksgiveing & My New header shop!!!

Hey everyone cpmonster here!

Hope everyone is haveing a awesome thanksgiving so far I know I am!

Well anyway I dont have much time today so I just thought I would make a post to say happy thanksgiveing

So Happy thanksgiveing!

Anyway besides that im starting a new header shop I had one a while back and it was a hit.

So I made another one click here To view it.

Also I re-designed Gasnier11’s whole site.

click here  to view that Anyway have a awesome thanksgiveing!


November 26, 2008

Become a Black Belt in less then 30 minutes!

Hey everyone cpmonster comeing to you with more breaking news .

As you know the new awesome game Card jitsu in the Dojo on clubpenguin.

And everyone wants to become a black belt and buy the ninga costume and all the other awesome stuff.

And now I have a way to become a black belt in less then 30 mins!

Its a trainer No risk of getting banned so dont worrie about that.

This is how it works…..

The trainer makes you able to see the other players cards.

So instead of seeing this.


You will be seeing this.


This is how the trainer will look click to make bigger.



The trainers release date is for saturday november 29th But could come out sooner.

Just check back here for updates about the trainer.

Sound good?

Hope so Thats it for now,


November 24, 2008

NEW Contest win a 6 month membership!

Hey everyone cpmonster here comeing to you with another amazing contest 😉

As you know Cpmonster is know for there contest so we have one almost every week.

This week I thought I would do something relly cool for all my viewers.

It was my birthday yesterday and I got a bunch of money ($300 :D)

So I thought I would have a membership contest.


This is a simple contest,

Its a normal comment contest that goes for 3 days…… Till thursday the 27

So good luck everyone.

You can start when ever you want.

Thanks everyone!


November 2, 2008

Contest Winners!!

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Hey everyone hope everyones haveing a awesome sunday 😉

We have a winner to our famous pegnuin contest

Here is the link to the contest <Contest is over>

Click here

Sorry I was a day late to post it.

Anyway before I say who one im looking for penguins to be in my music viedos.

The music viedo is for the awesome Fall Out Boy song ”I dont care”

Just comment below if you wanna be in the viedo and Ill e-mail you the rest of info.

Anyways heres the moment of turth…..

And the winner of The penguin ”halos at war” Is……..

<Western blue>

congratz on winning the awesome penguin and thanks 2 everyone else who joined.

Western blue you should get the email with the user name and pass in less then a cople hours.

When you get it plese comment below.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Another awesome contest by CPMONSTER!

Thx everyone


October 29, 2008

Hall-o-ween party, With more pictures then the other guys ;)

Hey cpmonster here with excluse pics of the hall-0-ween party,

Here they are…..

Heres The pumpkin basket Its in the snow forts =)

Heres were one of the candys are

Heres all the candy after you complete the candy hunt

And heres the reward.

And heres a relly awesome picture of the dock (Do you see the beta Bikeboy 93)

Well theres a bunch of cool pics hope you enjoyed 🙂



October 28, 2008

300,000 Hit party!

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Hey everyone Im haveing a 300,000 Hit party soon.

Im working on the invtion Everyones invited!

Hope you can make it

–Im out–


Looking for someone to help with our ccs!

Hey everyone cpmonster here,

And Im looking for someone to help out with our sites ccs.

So anyone looking to help just comment (Must have ccs on your site)

Thanks alot guys,


I recoverd a very old penguin and I’m giving it away!!

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Hello everyone Cpmonster here with some breaking news!

Ive been working all day long trying recover old penguins,

I found a few out But the one im giving away is awesome.

His name is :Halos at war: This penguin has 1000000 coins on it and a bunch of old itums heres a pic.

It shows up as penguin39099371

If you want this penguin leave a comment with your E-mail….

Sence I know alot of people will be leaveing comment one random person will be picked.

So good luck the winner will be annouced on october 31st.

Good luck,


October 25, 2008

New admin!

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New Admin

hey everyone I am the newest admin on the cpmonster site

I hope to put some post and help with the ccs on this site

heres my penguin if you all havent seen me (halo and me)


heres my likes on cp

my favorite itum: bunny ears pink
my favorite game: tic-tac-toe
my penguins favorite food; pizza
my favorie place : cove or mine shaft

ok thank you guys for cheaking out this post.

for my site click here 


Blog at