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January 30, 2009

New Sport Shop catalog + Contest updated!

Hey everyone icepop23 here to post about the sport shop’s new catalog and to tell you about the contest update,


Frist off here is what some of the new gear may look like as your penguin…..


I like the looks of the stuff..

Here was what the new catalog cover looks like…


Here are the contents…..




I like the new catalog very exciting and diffirnt.

My favorite itum is the goalie gear its awesome! contest updates!

The contest hasent been getting many comments.
So to spice things up a bit I decied to throw something in the frist prize package!
(1) the series two code!
(2) Become a admin on my site!
(3) Blogroll forever!
(4) Buddy forever!
(5) Series 1 code!!!!!
Hope this adds alot of sizzile to the contest!!!!!!
click here to enter’s contest!
Thanks you so much everyone!
Enjoy and good luck!

January 27, 2009

Contest to welcome new owner!!!

Hey everyone hows it going?

I am throwing a contest for to welcome me to

After the old cpmonster gave me this site I went to my local toy “r” us and bought 2 series 2 toy codes and 2 1 month memberships.

I have decied to use 1 of the toy codes on my own penguin and 1 of the memberships.

But with the other code and membership I am giveing away to welcome me to this site.

heres how the contest goes….


The frist prize winner will recive a series 2 toy code.

These codes can unlock itums from the coin code catalog.


The second prize winner will win a one month membership.

This will give you all the member benifits on clubpenguin



These contest rules are simple.

Guess a number 1-1000

You can guess as many times as you like.

The person closet to the number will win the frist prize.

And the second closet will win the 2nd place prize.

Thanks to everyone that entered and good luck!


New Site Owner!

Hey everyone icepop23 and I will be working on this site from now on.

There has been rumors about the owner before me hacking/scamming people well they may be true or may not becuse its over now.

Anyway I will be makeing ccs for this site and posting updates

(See the new ccs I made it 😉 )

Anyway heres a picture of my penguin.


Hope you will enjoy the new 🙂


December 6, 2008

Hey everyone

I am sorry for eveything that has happened on this site, it used to be a informal club penguin cheats site, so now that I am off school for a little I am going to  be working constantly on this site now… for the contest I will make up another and this time it will be for real because I let my little brother take it over and now it has become this.

Anyway I will try hard to post more often!

Thanks 🙂

November 27, 2008

My new password box and contest goes for 1 more day!

Hey everyone Cpmonster here.

Well ive been looking at alot of peoples sites and I relly like password boxs so I made one

click here To go to that.

And our 6 month membership contest is going till tommrow!

Well thats it for now!


November 26, 2008

Become a Black Belt in less then 30 minutes!

Hey everyone cpmonster comeing to you with more breaking news .

As you know the new awesome game Card jitsu in the Dojo on clubpenguin.

And everyone wants to become a black belt and buy the ninga costume and all the other awesome stuff.

And now I have a way to become a black belt in less then 30 mins!

Its a trainer No risk of getting banned so dont worrie about that.

This is how it works…..

The trainer makes you able to see the other players cards.

So instead of seeing this.


You will be seeing this.


This is how the trainer will look click to make bigger.



The trainers release date is for saturday november 29th But could come out sooner.

Just check back here for updates about the trainer.

Sound good?

Hope so Thats it for now,


November 24, 2008

NEW Contest win a 6 month membership!

Hey everyone cpmonster here comeing to you with another amazing contest 😉

As you know Cpmonster is know for there contest so we have one almost every week.

This week I thought I would do something relly cool for all my viewers.

It was my birthday yesterday and I got a bunch of money ($300 :D)

So I thought I would have a membership contest.


This is a simple contest,

Its a normal comment contest that goes for 3 days…… Till thursday the 27

So good luck everyone.

You can start when ever you want.

Thanks everyone!


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