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January 30, 2009

New Sport Shop catalog + Contest updated!

Hey everyone icepop23 here to post about the sport shop’s new catalog and to tell you about the contest update,


Frist off here is what some of the new gear may look like as your penguin…..


I like the looks of the stuff..

Here was what the new catalog cover looks like…


Here are the contents…..




I like the new catalog very exciting and diffirnt.

My favorite itum is the goalie gear its awesome! contest updates!

The contest hasent been getting many comments.
So to spice things up a bit I decied to throw something in the frist prize package!
(1) the series two code!
(2) Become a admin on my site!
(3) Blogroll forever!
(4) Buddy forever!
(5) Series 1 code!!!!!
Hope this adds alot of sizzile to the contest!!!!!!
click here to enter’s contest!
Thanks you so much everyone!
Enjoy and good luck!

January 27, 2009

Contest to welcome new owner!!!

Hey everyone hows it going?

I am throwing a contest for to welcome me to

After the old cpmonster gave me this site I went to my local toy “r” us and bought 2 series 2 toy codes and 2 1 month memberships.

I have decied to use 1 of the toy codes on my own penguin and 1 of the memberships.

But with the other code and membership I am giveing away to welcome me to this site.

heres how the contest goes….


The frist prize winner will recive a series 2 toy code.

These codes can unlock itums from the coin code catalog.


The second prize winner will win a one month membership.

This will give you all the member benifits on clubpenguin



These contest rules are simple.

Guess a number 1-1000

You can guess as many times as you like.

The person closet to the number will win the frist prize.

And the second closet will win the 2nd place prize.

Thanks to everyone that entered and good luck!


New Site Owner!

Hey everyone icepop23 and I will be working on this site from now on.

There has been rumors about the owner before me hacking/scamming people well they may be true or may not becuse its over now.

Anyway I will be makeing ccs for this site and posting updates

(See the new ccs I made it 😉 )

Anyway heres a picture of my penguin.


Hope you will enjoy the new 🙂


December 24, 2008

Club Penguin Toy code winner – New giveaway <<<<<

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I have came to a discussion that Cpbunny has won from ( Click to see her post about me, I believe it still is on there 🙂 Here is her comment, she comment first so I mainly went off that aspect. So below is a visual of the first actual comment. (  TO CPBUNNY: I will have your penguin in the e-mail you provided me, enjoy penguin and thanks for joining 🙂



Party: Summer Party 2007
Party: Scuba Party 2008
Party: Halloween Party 2007
Party: Western Party

Hope I win! )


Comment by cpbunny time 645 am ( I believe ) in the morning.

Brand new contest – Free Elite Penguin Force Code ( My mom has just gave me a gift of 30 gift cards for my site for Christmas so I will have tons of giveaways in-between December-January.

If you do not know what a Elite Penguin Force code, it unlocks like the ( game’s special gifts )

Below is how to enter and possibly win!

  • It is called a comment contest. ( for the code )
  • You get a code toy – FOR COMMENTING.
  • You have to comment up to 1,000 and the catch is if lots comment the same in that day you battle them by commenting more. SO get at this contest right away.

  • Rules of the contest

So the rules are simple and ables you to get the penguin pretty easy.

  •  Please no cussingor fighting verbally over commenting forum.
  • Comment each number once at a time in a comment ( That stands one number per comment )
  • Leave e-mail address if you enter to and also (AIM) if you have one. aim
BREAKING NEWS: Please read below! 🙂 ( CPMONSTER got new penguin ) Very rare.
  • Leave a comment below about this if you are interested in trading penguins. Leave comment below. I am willing to do any trade I don’t care. I have Baskteball45, back with his name on Club Penguin so now you can see him back on this Club Penguin cheats  Site! Please e-mail about this penguin named  Ajinator. ( )

Picture below of PENGUIN.


  • New Club Penguin cheats updates!

  • The Club Penguin log-in screen has been updated to a FESTIVE theme! Has a link to donate  coins for needy. ( This is a great design I love it ) Look at poll and vote below. Picture of updated Club Penguin screen log-in is below for you to view and go to to also  below to expression you felling about this new improvement. ( Or click this link below to is below ” Which one did you like better” is the title.

  • Also there is an important notice for Club Penguin Mission Cheats.
  • You will have to be a agent in-order to touch these missions and the mission can’t be completed without having completed all the missions up to 9. Now if you want to do this then click this banner for the Club Penguin Mission Cheat page. ( Please not on this page is  HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF PSA ( Become a agent )


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