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December 26, 2008

New Gingerbread Igloo & Hq Message

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Club Penguin  has brought out a new igloo catalog and below are the cheats to recieve the Gingerbread igloo. ( This igloo really is one of the best ) Also PSA message board has a brand new note posted look below.

Click all 4 word’s that say ( CANDY ) to reveal the gingerbread igloo upgrade.



This is what  the gingerbread igloo looks like ( Awesome right ? )



To get the Secret deluxe igloo click the door on the Duluxe stone igloo.



Also there is a new message on the HQ message board.


Be ready for the mission which is being released on December 29th.

Firework’s have still not been added.


Club Penguin Breaking New’s – Firework’s Delayed

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Well Club Penguin promised us and you can read it in the paper that the firework’s are supposed to be in the Ski Village , Ice Burg and many more place’s. Here is what I captured of on the Ice Burg, I waited atleast an hour for those firework’s … Club Penguin is probably backed up from all the holiday rush.




  • Whats very strange is that Club Penguin normally is good with updating little things like that. I just e-mailed them saying that we cannot see any firework’s on Club Penguin and just reminding them its Friday. So hopefully they can even read my e-mail. 🙂 Well for now I am signing off, I will update you on when the Club Penguin firework’s appear!

Club Penguin – Recieve 1 Million Coins

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UPDATE: Click the link below to go to Club Penguin Coin Cheat.

((( )))



I am letting people now that I am willing to make your ( penguins ) 1 Million Coin’s in less than hour. I will not reveal how I do this, but if you are short on coin’s and need some really quickly I would be happy to help 🙂

  • What you have to do inorder to recieve 1 million coins on your penguin.
  1. Leave a comment with either  ( e-mail or AIM ) and message me at or AIM- cpmonsterblog ( That is the screen name )
  2. When you e-mail me I will ask you for your penguins password and username. You have the option to give it or not. I am reliable and don’t have time to ban penguin’s.
  3. Just wait atleast one day and you will be surprised at how many coins you will see on your player card.
  • Below is a picture of “BASKETBALL45” with over 900,000 coins.
  • I will be making a PAGE called ” Club Penguin Money ( This page will be protected ) You will have to e-mail me to unlock it … unless I might keep it visible.                        
  • Leave your comments below 🙂  Also click this BANNER to (( WIN A TOY CODE )):
Click here

December 25, 2008

Club Penguin Toy Code Contest

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Hello, after Christmas I recieved 2 new Club Penguin Toy Code’s and I am willing to giveaway 1 to a lucky penguin. You will be able to go in to the Treasure Book and buy the exclusive item’s. ( Like yellow cape, guitar, i-pod, Club Penguin cap … and more )

  • Whoever comments on this post more is the winner no matter what. So lets get this contest started. ( Rule’s are posted below )

Rule’s to TOY CODE contest!

  1. Comment using numbers only
  2. PLEASE  NO  arguing/cussing/spam
  3. NO skipping numbers on comments. ( Please do this as it says )Good luck and I will be having the winner’s posted at the end of this contest, which is DECEMBER 28th! 🙂 ( Plenty of time to comment to win )

Igloo Mistake’s – I Spy Edition

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Hey Its Ajinator a.k.a CPMONSTER. I have a I SPY™ Club Penguin Edition. In this edition you have to spot 5 things wrong with Ajinators igloo on Club Penguin.

  • This below is the 1st picture of Ajinator’s igloo ( Main picture )
  • This is the false picture find each add item, picture … anything that is right on the picture. ( False picture. )
  • Club Penguin Updates:  Over the holiday there has not been any update’s, so we will keep you posted. Remember new Club Penguin Mission 7 cheats will be coming on December 29th, so check back here I will have updates and FULL video tutural.
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

Club Penguin Cheat – How To Stand On Coffee Shop

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Ok first off this glitch is affected by the huge white tree’s that are for Christmas, which are blocking the way to stand by the sign’s. So instead you stand on top of the Coffee Shop Door, which is still a cool glitch. Ok lets get down to business. Here at Club Penguin Cheats we provide you the most up-to-date cheats for Club Penguin everyday and if you have noticed lately I have been posting a majorly amount of time, so expect big time CHEATS coming very soon.

Here is how to do – How to stand on Coffe Shop ( Door )

  • Go to the night club with your penguin.
  • If you notice there is a exit sign above  the entrance to the ” Night Club ” click this multiple time’s ( Click it very fast at the “TOP” of the door. )
  • Then you will be lead outside of the ” TOWN” area.
  • You will end up landing here shown below:
  • Well and there you have it Club Penguin Glitch completed . – Leave a comment below.

Club Penguin Glitch – Clone Your Penguin

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Have you ever wondered how player’s on Club Penguin, well this program called Penguin Storm allows to do a special Club Penguin Glitch … Meaning you can clone yourself millions of times ( overexaggerating ).  The cheat is literally easy all it requires is this program and how to download it, is listed below.



  1. Inorder to do this click this link below ( Program credited to Microchip123 )


  3. First log-in through the screen that pops up.
  4. Then you look above where all the options are.   trainer-picture                                                   
  5. Click “copy” ( This will allow you to copy any penguins movements and more. )
  6. Then click on a player card and this will enable you to copy any penguin that you want.
  7. Then you will appear as 4 while you walk. This is very cool to see 🙂
  8. If you go on Club Penguin and look on FROZEN there will be tons of clones everywhere.
  • Hope this cheat works for you, its easy to use! 🙂

Club Penguin Money Cheat

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I have a Club Penguin Money Hack ( Not really hack, just a fancy word for program )

What this program is capable to do:

  1. Make you as many coins as your PENGUIN’S HEART desires 🙂
  2. Lets you view your entire account from when you were banned, to when you last logged in. ( No risk of getting banned )
  3. There will be a better one to improve the cheats and more.
  4. ( Might be able to get you all the way to black belt on your penguin ) In less than seconds.
  • Here is a screen shoot of this program below and download link 🙂
  • The link below is to download this trainer that can make you coins like nothing. Remember 1,000 coins per try so this will take you longer, but its still coins. ( The coins are pernament as well so, remember not to log-in to regular Club Penguin at  the same time ) I will bring you updates on any new Club Penguin Coin Cheat updates.
  • The link to download:  


AJINATOR – Mini Christmas Party

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Merry Christmas from Club Penguin Cheats site 🙂 I had a small little Christmas party with my new penguin Ajinator! He is exactly 1010 days old and is a very awesome penguin, If you ever see me on Club Penguin and wanna become my friend SAY ” CP MONSTER ” or ” Basketball ” the 45 will not show up because Club penguin ended up banning numbers from players giving their personal infomation out. So now nobody can say my full name ( Baskterball45 ) 😦





  • We are at FROZEN AT THE TIME.
  • I am adding everyone if you ask me your are bound to get added.
  • I am having igloo party in a little while 🙂
  • Hopefully you join in on the fun. ( COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME ON CLUB PENGUIN )

News paper issue #167

  • Start this post off by saying Merry Christmas to everyone that are viewers! ( Also new visitors )Here are interesting things in the paer. Club Penguin looks very Christmasie 🙂 ( Not real word )
  • Rockhopper has departed and just before Christmas … what a bummer 😦 But for the good thing Club penguin life slows down bit just to enjoy Christmas. Look below fairwell note:
  • Merry Christmas Club Penguin in a professional banner is below the headlines, still visible to all readers. Look below as the Club Penguin team brings you Christmas on Club Penguin .
  • Finally upcoming events ( These are surely going to be awesome)
  • Have a safe and great Christmas FROM: Club penguin cheats site.

December 24, 2008

Club Penguin Toy code winner – New giveaway <<<<<

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I have came to a discussion that Cpbunny has won from ( Click to see her post about me, I believe it still is on there 🙂 Here is her comment, she comment first so I mainly went off that aspect. So below is a visual of the first actual comment. (  TO CPBUNNY: I will have your penguin in the e-mail you provided me, enjoy penguin and thanks for joining 🙂



Party: Summer Party 2007
Party: Scuba Party 2008
Party: Halloween Party 2007
Party: Western Party

Hope I win! )


Comment by cpbunny time 645 am ( I believe ) in the morning.

Brand new contest – Free Elite Penguin Force Code ( My mom has just gave me a gift of 30 gift cards for my site for Christmas so I will have tons of giveaways in-between December-January.

If you do not know what a Elite Penguin Force code, it unlocks like the ( game’s special gifts )

Below is how to enter and possibly win!

  • It is called a comment contest. ( for the code )
  • You get a code toy – FOR COMMENTING.
  • You have to comment up to 1,000 and the catch is if lots comment the same in that day you battle them by commenting more. SO get at this contest right away.

  • Rules of the contest

So the rules are simple and ables you to get the penguin pretty easy.

  •  Please no cussingor fighting verbally over commenting forum.
  • Comment each number once at a time in a comment ( That stands one number per comment )
  • Leave e-mail address if you enter to and also (AIM) if you have one. aim
BREAKING NEWS: Please read below! 🙂 ( CPMONSTER got new penguin ) Very rare.
  • Leave a comment below about this if you are interested in trading penguins. Leave comment below. I am willing to do any trade I don’t care. I have Baskteball45, back with his name on Club Penguin so now you can see him back on this Club Penguin cheats  Site! Please e-mail about this penguin named  Ajinator. ( )

Picture below of PENGUIN.


  • New Club Penguin cheats updates!

  • The Club Penguin log-in screen has been updated to a FESTIVE theme! Has a link to donate  coins for needy. ( This is a great design I love it ) Look at poll and vote below. Picture of updated Club Penguin screen log-in is below for you to view and go to to also  below to expression you felling about this new improvement. ( Or click this link below to is below ” Which one did you like better” is the title.

  • Also there is an important notice for Club Penguin Mission Cheats.
  • You will have to be a agent in-order to touch these missions and the mission can’t be completed without having completed all the missions up to 9. Now if you want to do this then click this banner for the Club Penguin Mission Cheat page. ( Please not on this page is  HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF PSA ( Become a agent )


December 22, 2008

Club Penguin Updated Server’s

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Club Penguin  has released 5 new servers to smooth out the population of Club penguin. The new servers are (Listed below)

  • Sourthern Lights
  • Northern Lights
  • Ascent
  • Snow Cap
  • Snow Mobile
These servers are not busy yet, but they will be sooner than later! 🙂

Club Penguin Mission 10 Sneek Peek

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Club Penguin mission 10 is coming out very soon. December 29th to be exact, and PSA will need your assistance even more then previous missions. Here is a sneek peek of mission.


If you noticed the Polar Bear is in the picture, will be a very great mission again!


  • I will be posting the Club Penguin Mission 10 cheats  immediately after it is released!
Leave your comment below.


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I have made a few Club Penguin bots

There name’s all start with cpmonster and end with a random 2 numbers or letters. I usually go on Frozen and sit by Hydro Hopper. Here is a picture of the bot I have just created to promote my Club penguin cheats site.


  • If  you would like to join in on the fun become a Cpmonster bot and report to the server called: Frozen – Town or Dock. My color is blue ( DARK ) and with out any penguin clothing.
Our name changes when we creat our BOT’S.
I have noticed Club penguin has changed there moderation around and we cannot play on the Cpmonster bot’s without them being like PENGUIN2878939.  This is caused because a player either messed around and reported us or either got placed in the bad word list amoung other words that are banned from Club Penguin.

  • Our mission objectives

  • Support or site: If you do join go around Club Penguin to advertise our site by saying ( Look up cp monster )


  • We need you:  Our fun activities are making gigantic crowds of bots, making random shapes with our bots, and much much more. I will have full guide page tommarow.
  • Comment below if you want to become a Cpmonster bot.

December 21, 2008

Club Penguin Igloo Decorating Contest

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Just to you remind you guys Club Penguin Igloo Decorating contest is going on right now.

Decorate your igloo so the moderators are able to see your Christmas Spirt!

Below is my look for Christmas 🙂


  • Breaking new’s: My penguin Basketball45 which is seen in this picture as Penguin15463534 … this is terrible and I signed him up for a membership too. I am soooooo disappointed, I am e-mailing Club Penguin about this immediately.

December 20, 2008

Free Club Penguin code – Guessing game

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I have recently recieved a Club Penguin code and am willing to give it away to one lucky winner. This code will able you to unlock one secret on Club Penguin. It is very easy to enter this contest, just guess what parties these pictures belonged to.

  • Have to name each picture correctly to party.
  1. contest1 ( Very hard one )
  2. contest2
  3. contest3
  4. contest4
  • Contest ends when someone gets the pictures correct! Have fun and good luck 🙂

Club Penguin gift card updates and Treasure book item sneek peek

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UPDATE: I have made a new page called CP MEMORIES.

Click here to see ( You are able to submit your own memories and they get posted on the page )

Club penguin gift cards are now available in Toy’s R us, Wal Mart and Target all accross the US.

This will come handy for Christmas presents and more. ( Great idea )


Also Billybob has updated on the Club penguin blog .

The treasure books item sneek peek is below and they look amazing! They will be exclusives 🙂

Remember this feature will be out on Monday, December 22nd!


Rockhopper Trackers Guide – Real or Not

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If you are like me you are always probably searching for Rockhopper everywhere right? Well what do you search for him with . There are multiple things people are doing these days to try to meet Rockhopper on Club Penguin .


Below are a few methods you should follow when searching for Rockhopper:


  • The tracker’s are FAKE pretty much ( Read below for information on how trainer works )
  • A Rockhopper Tracker is literally not a automatic tracker, the person who made the tracker has to adjust the banner’s text and when they are doing that, people get irritated because its NOT ALWAYS UPDATED. So for one thing why would you trust another person to tell you where RH is when you can go on Club penguin and search for him. The trackers are not always right and when they are you end up just missing him or it was a hour or two ago when he got there. Bottom line is the Rockhopper Trackers are good sometimes, but not always reliable – someone can’t constantly keep up with Club penguin  as they log in and out with Rockhopper.
  • Some more things you should keep in mind are talk to the actual people that are on Club penguin and you will 9/10 tries find Rockhopper, it doesn’t take that much time.
  • Try to look for him on afternoon even times because in the morning half the time he is either gone or in a server that is very low.
  • Servers to try and look for him in and more…
  1. Frozen – Ice burg, Town, or his SHIP are the main areas he is in always.
  2. Mammoth – Town ( Anywhere there are big crowds )
  3. ( ANY of the top servers are where you might have a change finding him ) He does go in to different server’s put mainly this is where he ends up being.

The Rockhopper story.

Rockhopper arrived on Club penguin in October 14th 2006, on his ship called the migrator and as he arrived that day we all got to aboard his ship and we got exclusive ( non-member clothing and member- clothing to recieve & buy ) We witnessed the biggest thing to actually hit Club penguin on that day, now everyone loves him and will try anything to meet him.

You can’t become Rockhoppers buddy, but you can visit his igloo, which is Migrator and recieve the background he always handouts. Rockhoppers puffle he has is named Yarr and he looks like this below:


  • Hopefully you end up meeting Rockhopper!

December 19, 2008

My penguin – Basketball45

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I have gotten a membership for my penguin now and will be finally having a 300,000 hit party soon. I am always on ” Club Penguin ” listed below is where I usually hang out.

  • Server: Frozen
  • Location/place: Bolier room or Ice burg ( Sometimes town )
  • My penguin is usually always wearing member clothing … my favorite clothing design is this below:
  • If you see me 9 out of 10 times I will end up adding you, so leave a comment below if you want to be my friend or meet up.
( Also if you need to contact  ”Club penguin cheats“ here is the info below )
  1. E-mail –
  2. AIM – Screen name : cpmonsterblog ( If you have a aim send me a message )


Club Penguin Christmas party 2008 cheats

Below is all the information about the new Christmas party that has hit Club Penguin.

( Club Penguin looks very festive ) Check out every room for a different surprise. )


You can pick up the Santa hat at snow forts.


You can find the santa beard located in the snow forts.


Also the pin is located in Ski lodge ( It is a present )


Also if you haven’t noticed there has been a change, the Ice rink has switched back. Take a look below.


That is all for now hopefully you are enjoying the Christmas party and “Club penguin cheats” we provide for you!


Merry Christmas!

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