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January 13, 2009

Exclusive DJ Cadence Tracker – Club Penguin Cheat

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Hiya penguin’s,

This post is a tracker to help you with finding DJ Cadence. Obviously we wont know much about her because she is new to Club Penguin, but when the member party launches I will be fully devoted to find her. First off she is just like Rockhopper, Billybob and all the other famous penguin’s on Club Penguin, she will be going from server to server. She will be there for approximately 20 – 30 minutes at a time, depending on how long they allow her to stay on a certain server. She wears some unique clothing.

The places you can mainly find her is in the Dance Club. (usually on the roof)

Her name is:  Cadence

She will have dance challenges for us all to participate in. There will be the new game launching and I can give you a hint on what it might be. If you have ever played Guitar Hero it will be a little like that, but will have some different change’s. That is my prediction, who knows maybe it will be something totally different, but we will only know when it is release on Thursday, January 15th 2009. 🙂

Remember to check here as I will have a DJ Cadence Tracker and much much more information about here. The tracker will be made once she logs on to Club Penguin.

There will be a new free items too so hopefully they won’t be anything old. ( Check here for all the Club Penguin Member party cheats )

Have a fun day on Club Penguin =)

New CSS design

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We have loaded a new CSS to our site. The old CSS was nice, but I thought we needed a change.

This is bright and the text is more noticeable. I have made a poll for you to vote on. Give your honest opinion on if you like our changes or you would like to see a different design!



Well for now thats all the  update’s!

January 12, 2009

Club Penguin Member Party Update – Dance Challenge

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WOW – This is a crazy Club Penguin Update. On Thursday 15th the member party will be launched and the Dance Club will be changed dramatically. There will be 3 new dance floors that can be explored, you will have a chance to meet the  DJ Cadence. I will have a complete update on this awesome Club Penguin event 🙂  Take a look at the photo that is below … this photo can tell you how fun this update will be! If you aren’t a member and need a membership, click here to be tooken to my membership contest.
Sadly they might bring back the 3-D glasses, which first appeared in the dance club as a free item.
  • Well this update will change Club penguin big time. Hopefully your excited too!Tell me your thoughts about it below in a comment 🙂       

Club Penguin Contest – Win A Rare Penguin

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Well I told you guys I would have a new contest and this one is very awesome. I am giving away a good penguin to the winner of this Club Penguin Cheats Contest .

Here are the prize’s you could win 🙂

  • 1st place prize gets either SA48  ( You will get to have this penguin transferred to you Club Penguin parent account. )                         
sa48-contest  ( This penguin is very old, It has the pink bunny ears and all of the toy code items )
  • 2nd place prize will be a month membership 🙂 I will be also giving away a 1 year membership in our next contest so be prepared for that.
  • 3rd place prize is to be on my blogroll and become friends with Ajinator.
  • Here is how to win these amazing prize’s 🙂 ( READ CAREFULLY )
  • First off this is a COMMENTING CONTEST meaning whoever comments the most wins. Its like a competition. Our post get slow because there is always so many comments, so I will be re – posting this afterwards.
  • Comment using only numbers and remember to go in order with the numbers as-well. Your first comment should look like mine below in the picture. Please follow the rules and make this a good contest 🙂
  • After that comment continue with another comment saying 2 and so on.
  • Thank you for entering and hopefully you win these awesome Club Penguin prizes.
~Cpmonster President 😉

January 9, 2009


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New Author For Cpmonster – Cautioned

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Hey Penguins! This is your new author Cautioned! I will be posting on this site from now on. Cpmonster thought I was suitable for the job. One fact about me is that I have good Grammer! That was a + that helped me get the position. Now I will tell you a little about myself.

  • My ClubPenguin™ name is Cautioned.
  • I am very good with editing stuff on WordPress.
  • I can edit video’s with cool effects.

I’m currently not a member on ClubPenguin™ this is because I just ran out of membership, and havn’t made a trip to my local Target store. I will be a member soon. You can catch me at every party CPMONSTER sets up. Hopefully you enjoy me at this site! Just comment below and tell me how good my first post was, and if you think I am a good addition to WWW. CPMONSTER.COM !

Mine, It's Compyright!

Club Penguin New Play

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Club Penguin has re-released their older play with some new updates and more …

There are no cheats this week for the plays catalog.




There is a robot that just got added to the scene as well.




The costume’s have been brought back as well. Look below for their special dances.

The blue superhero dance:


The pink superhero dance:


The photographer dance:



  • Breaking news: We are adding a new author to the site by today 🙂 It might be anyone who entered in our author/editor contest. Click here to go to that certain post.

January 7, 2009

Looking For New Author/Editor For Blog

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I am looking for new author/editor for my Club Penguin Cheats Blog.

What im looking for is a reliable poster, great speller and devoted to blogging. 

What you need to have in the comment.

  1. A correct e-mail address ( Mine is )
  2. A wordpress … put link in post.
  3. A penguin name
  4. Also what would make you a good addition to team.
Comment below if you want the spot! I will choose author/editor either tomarrow or whenever I find the right one. So comment below if you would like to work here with me CPMONSTER 🙂

January 6, 2009

Club Penguin Moderation Team

The Club Penguin Moderation team is a full squad of hard working people. They devote their time to moderate our favorite game from, hacker’s , predator’s and many more online frightful thing’s. Their mission is to bring the best idea’s and thoughts to keep us interested in playing. They must have done a great job because we have over million’s playing Club Penguin around the world! Here are statistics of non-member’s and member’s that are on Club Penguin:


– Club Penguin Player count. ( This number includes accounts not being used )

1,456,000 player accounts on Club Penguin at date DECEMBER 12th. These might not be accurate number’s, but they are close.

  • If you ever wondered how many moderator’s are on Club Penguin here is a list of them below 🙂
  1. Billybob ( The most famous moderator on Club Penguin )
  2. Screenhog
  3. Gizmo
  4. Rsnail
  5. Happy77
  • Club Penguin Moderatr’s ( Rsnail, Billybob, Gizmo )

New Club Penguin Member Party Spolier

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Club penguin New’s – There is a member party spolier and it has just been posted on the official web blog. This picture of the new party looks pretty interesting. Look below to see the club penguin cheats party update …



Member party will be going from January 15-18th. These are always fun because they give out gifts that only members can recieve. I believe just to be fair they should give a party for the non-members of Club Penguin, that is just my opinion. Anyways if you look at this picture below you will see the recent member party.

Thats all the Club Penguin new’s for today! 🙂




January 3, 2009

Club Penguin Discussion

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Welcome to my daily dose of Club Penguin Talk! ( Leave your Club Penguin discussion below ) Leave your name and e-mail so I can give you a update of my new post on this Club penguin cheats site.

Have you ever been banned for a reason that was uncalled for? Or have you been hacked recently? Well this is a on going thing on Club Penguin and it is frustrating because Club Penguin is owned by Disney and obviously they are going to change the game around. Dont get me wrong Disney is a great addition, hey made the toy code thing which was cool because you can unlock penguin clothing online for your penguin account, from the code’s you recieve. But also the chat moderation has gone up a great deal. You can not advertise your site like say:

  • Search “CPMONSTER” on google ( This is a good way to attract new vistors fast ) 🙂
  • Do you think Club Penguin has changed since Disney took over? Well leave your vote below if we should have a Disney Protest! Look below for some previous Club penguin Protest!
Picture 1# Down with Club Penguin Protest ( Date: August 12th 2008 )
Club Penguin picture 2# ( Ajinator will be here this time if we have a Disney protest! )
  • We might be setting up a Club Penguin protest so stay tunned 🙂 The poll is below!
  • Have you been noticing CLONE’S OF PENGUIN’S lately? Well its a hack the Club Penguin Hq has discovered and they are trying to get people to join their forum. They come on Club Penguin showing it off, by changing puffle color’s, changing clothes on all the penguin’s fast, they also have the BETA HAT too 🙂 This hacking program is amazing. I will have a link to download it when I find it :}
Picture 1# of the hacking program.
Picture 2# of hacking program. ( They can multiple their penguin’s )
  • Club Penguin will eventually find out about this, but it is really to easy to hack Club Penguin. It just takes time and a popular forum or something for the hack to gain popularity.  ((( Well thats it for now for the Club Penguin discussion… Leave your comment below )))
  • New CSS STYLE to arrive soon on this Club penguin Cheats site 🙂 ( Thanks for voting on the last poll ) If you have a comment for the CSS on this site click here for the post.

January 2, 2009

Club Penguin Cheats Blog – CSS PREVIEW

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Hey CSS is like the biggest cp blogger tool. Whoever has CSS are making update’s designs and more for you viewers to view. Here at my blog every week I will update the CSS to a brand new totally awesome design. Below is a poll for if I should change this awesome ( Green/Black design ) it is a nice format for posting Club penguin cheats and updates for you. It is readable also. I might have a new header if you the viewers choose this design or a different one.





As for new disign looks these are my designs ( Hope you like them ) =)


This design is my favorite hopefully you guys like this Club Penguin CSS  🙂





Club Penguin – January Clothing Catalog Cheats

First off the new pin is a gingerbread cookie 🙂 It is awesome and a cool Club Penguin collectable pin. So anyways the pin is located in the Ski Lodge. So remember to get your penguin one!

Where the pin’s location is on Club Penguin.



Club Penguin Catalog Cheats. Find hidden cheats and many more soon.

Click paint bucket for spikester hair style.



Click shirt to get the Spikette hair style, which is pretty cool for looking like a rockstar on  Club Penguin.



Click pot for the Fruit head to appear.




Click present for the scarf to appear.




Click mountain for russian hat.




Click the snow on the top of the tree to get the red viking hat. Click 3 more time’s to get blue viking.




Click the snow man black hat and you will make the pink toque appear.




Click the snow flake to make the red hoddie appear.







December 31, 2008

Penguin’s For Sale?

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   Have you ever wondered about all the beta’s and rare penguin’s that have quit or gone away from Club Penguin.  Well what if Club Penguin gave you the option to actually sell your penguin? That would be pretty awesome … ( Here is how it would work )

  • Club Penguin would have like a page for you to auction off you personal penguin ( FOR ACTUAL MONEY ) and it would be like E-Bay.
  • There will be message boards and private messaging.
  • Club Penguin would have full control over the trade.
  • Penguin’s would start at $10.00 or what ever price you would like.
  • Neat idea huh…??? Well if you think so just send a e-mail to Club Penguin directly and message them about this idea, MY mission on this Club Penguin Cheats Blog is to improve Club Penguin to the fullest 🙂
If you think my idea would be worth it just either e-mail me here or just go to Club Penguin’s homepage and contact them.

December 30, 2008

Club Penguin AC3000 Returns & Fireworks

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Hello penguin’s,

 Breaking new’s on Club Penguin in the Ski Lodge there is a AC3000 invention that is keeping snow stored for February fun! Look below at the picture for the notice message. I guess Club Penguin will be having a awesome February winter party, or something.



Also there are firework’s blowing off from everywhere around Club Penguin which is going to be awesome. Look below for picture’s of the Club Penguin New Year’s Celebration 🙂

  • This picture was tooken on the Ice Burg … Club Penguin made a cool fire work show on this part. There will be non-stop firework’s all day.


There will be firework’s until New Year’s ends.

In other new’s: Our site will have a 350,000 hit party very soon. I will be updating you on party information when we reach that hit amount 🙂 Until then have a fun time and come back for more Club Penguin Cheats  <<<<< Click here for our cheat page!


Thanks for visiting Club Penguin Cheats Blog, hopefully you keep visiting comment below or click here  to comment quicker!

CPMONSTER Is Back To Club Penguin

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For those of you who do not know that I have returned, then you know now. I made a commitment to bring you Club Penguin Cheats daily … and though I have not posted lately, I will be updating this Club Penguin Blog daily. I will be addng a new author to the site as well.

  • My penguin name is Basketball45, but for now I play on Ajinator.
  • Here is my penguin’s profile picture.
  • He is pretty popular on Club Penguin, but Basketball45 will be the main one for ever. So  anyways I will have a AUTHOR COMPETITION. ( So stay tuned )
  • Also visit my ABOUT ME PAGE for more about me! Click Here

December 29, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats – Waddle Squad Tutorial

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Welcome back, the Club Penguin Mission 10 – Waddle Squad has been realeased and here is a full written guide and video 🙂

                                                                          Club Penguin Cheats Mission 10 video

( Video credited to Chrisdog a.k.a Toronto )


1. Talk to Gary, jetpack guy, and rookie.

2. Take the box of odds and ends found in Gary’s gadgets.

3. Go to the Beach and talk to the penguin with the jetpack.

4. Go into the Lighthouse. Grab the empty barrel.

5. Go back to the Beach. Talk to the penguin with the jetpack. Say Yes you found it and give him it.

6. Follow the help message. Divide the units how it says to until you reach the end.

7. Go to the Dock. Talk to the penguin with the rope. Place the rope in your inventory.

8. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Give him the solar panel from the beginning of the mission.

9. Get the table, box of stuff, and clothes from the manager.

10. Combine the solar panel with the wires of the magnet.


11. Go to the Nightclub. Using the rope, put it on the pulley near the cage and press on the lever.

12. Open the lever up using your screwdriver found in your Spy Phone. Align the gears so that they fit.

13. Go to the HQ. Answer your Spy Phone.

14. Go to the dock and you will meet Klutzy.

15. Answer your Spy Phone again. Go to the Night Club.

16. Pull the red lever down and capture Herbert.

17. Get the jetpack from the penguin with the jetpack. Put it over the red level to Capture Herbert again.

18. Rookie will hand Herbert the spy phone. Herbert will get away.

19. Talk to G and the mission will end. Claim your medal.

The medal looks like this below:


If you have not finished all mission’s click here for full mission guide’s.

December 28, 2008

Club Penguin – I Spy Edition 2

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UPDATE: If you want to comment please leave one below, or CLICK HERE.

Welcome to another addition of I-Spy Edition. 🙂 I take picture’s of Club Penguin and have different item’s hidden in the picture’s. There is a normal picture and a picture that is different. Below is the I-Spy guessing game.

Club Penguin I-Spy edition, picture 1#.



Club Penguin I-Spy edition, picture 2#.



Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats Update

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Tonight is the Club Penguin Mission 10 release! ( Check here for the written guide and video . ) You will not be able to play this mission without finishing all the older mission’s first. If you want to finish the mission’s I have written guide and I will have instruction video’s.


I will be the first one to update on the mission, I will work hard to bring you Club Penguin Cheats  for the mission 10.

December 27, 2008

Club Penguin Cheats – 1 Million Coin Program Giveaway!

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Ok, 1st off I am giving out trainer to the first one to comment as high as they can. ( So meaning you have to keep commenting until the 29th. Whoever comments the most on this post will win! ) This is a commenting contest so read below for full rule’s:

  1. Comment with number’s
  2. Comment with respect no fighting
  3. Comment with your e-mail on first ( COMMENT )
You could have 1 million coin’s on your penguin account quickly.
Just comment below with your information and then start commenting away 🙂
  • No risk of ban on your penguin 🙂
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