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December 13, 2008

Club Penguin ninja black belt trainer info

Um first off this program is very hard to learn and just isnt a like hack that takes you seconds to learn… we are trying to make this BLACK BELT trainer quickly and as we do this please be patient because I am trying my best.

Below are some questions and answers:

What is this program?

It allows you to become a ninja, black belt penguin in less than a min. ( But as we told you above there are some major glitche’s and some nasty bugs in this program… my brother and I will release it in 5 days. )

How is this possible?

WPE PRO is the basic ingredient.

It allows you to adjust the games details and you are able to recieve it.

Will there be a way to get banned?

No 100% risk free

If there is any problems over the weekend I will post them for you all to know. 🙂


December 12, 2008

Club penguin cheat – How to get unlimited coin’s cheat

UPDATE: Don’t have to e-mail here is the link please comment if you need help here is a screen shot of it below:


( CLICK to enlarge )


This post will explain how to recieve a ulimited amount of coin’s for your penguin which would be a limit of 1 million coin’s! This is the ultimite “Club penguin cheat” ever and you can recieve it by just commenting below with your e-mail and also your info.

Please look below as a penguin that experienced what your about to:


If you are confused by this please e-mail me at

If you can’t figure it out by yourself and need help we will be glad to add your coin’s to your penguin 100% risk free!

The program allows you to do these things listed below:

1. Recieve Rockhopper’s background at any time ( So you can make a penguin and not even have to search for Rockhopper….

2. You can get the latest pin and also random item’s that are not old just like a couple that are new.

3. Get a MILLION coin’s and there is no ban.

4. It is just a awesome program and you will be one happy penguin after this.


Thank you comment below on your thought’s and remember you can recieve this program by requesting it below!

Also here is a old video of a cheat with Mike 92’s double account glitch program that is now disabled:

December 8, 2008


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If the commenting is slow I will be making another post you guys can continue posting! Just comment leaving me a notice that ( IT IS SLOW ).

UPDATE: I will be giving away basketball45 for the 2nd giveaway, we will be stopping all comments on DECEMBER 15th… so make sure to comment alot! 🙂


Hola and what is before your eye’s is a real BETA GIVEAWAY and this time it is for real, nothing but a good clean COMMENTING CONTEST. Here at club penguin cheats and glitches we are proud to giveaway a beta before Christmas for you to use!


So if you want to win please leave us your comment below!

Remember comment as much as possible!

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