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December 28, 2008

Club Penguin – I Spy Edition 2

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UPDATE: If you want to comment please leave one below, or CLICK HERE.

Welcome to another addition of I-Spy Edition. 🙂 I take picture’s of Club Penguin and have different item’s hidden in the picture’s. There is a normal picture and a picture that is different. Below is the I-Spy guessing game.

Club Penguin I-Spy edition, picture 1#.



Club Penguin I-Spy edition, picture 2#.



Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats Update

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Tonight is the Club Penguin Mission 10 release! ( Check here for the written guide and video . ) You will not be able to play this mission without finishing all the older mission’s first. If you want to finish the mission’s I have written guide and I will have instruction video’s.


I will be the first one to update on the mission, I will work hard to bring you Club Penguin Cheats  for the mission 10.

December 27, 2008

Club Penguin Cheats – 1 Million Coin Program Giveaway!

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Ok, 1st off I am giving out trainer to the first one to comment as high as they can. ( So meaning you have to keep commenting until the 29th. Whoever comments the most on this post will win! ) This is a commenting contest so read below for full rule’s:

  1. Comment with number’s
  2. Comment with respect no fighting
  3. Comment with your e-mail on first ( COMMENT )
You could have 1 million coin’s on your penguin account quickly.
Just comment below with your information and then start commenting away 🙂
  • No risk of ban on your penguin 🙂

December 25, 2008

Igloo Mistake’s – I Spy Edition

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Hey Its Ajinator a.k.a CPMONSTER. I have a I SPY™ Club Penguin Edition. In this edition you have to spot 5 things wrong with Ajinators igloo on Club Penguin.

  • This below is the 1st picture of Ajinator’s igloo ( Main picture )
  • This is the false picture find each add item, picture … anything that is right on the picture. ( False picture. )
  • Club Penguin Updates:  Over the holiday there has not been any update’s, so we will keep you posted. Remember new Club Penguin Mission 7 cheats will be coming on December 29th, so check back here I will have updates and FULL video tutural.
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

December 24, 2008

Club Penguin Toy code winner – New giveaway <<<<<

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I have came to a discussion that Cpbunny has won from ( Click to see her post about me, I believe it still is on there 🙂 Here is her comment, she comment first so I mainly went off that aspect. So below is a visual of the first actual comment. (  TO CPBUNNY: I will have your penguin in the e-mail you provided me, enjoy penguin and thanks for joining 🙂



Party: Summer Party 2007
Party: Scuba Party 2008
Party: Halloween Party 2007
Party: Western Party

Hope I win! )


Comment by cpbunny time 645 am ( I believe ) in the morning.

Brand new contest – Free Elite Penguin Force Code ( My mom has just gave me a gift of 30 gift cards for my site for Christmas so I will have tons of giveaways in-between December-January.

If you do not know what a Elite Penguin Force code, it unlocks like the ( game’s special gifts )

Below is how to enter and possibly win!

  • It is called a comment contest. ( for the code )
  • You get a code toy – FOR COMMENTING.
  • You have to comment up to 1,000 and the catch is if lots comment the same in that day you battle them by commenting more. SO get at this contest right away.

  • Rules of the contest

So the rules are simple and ables you to get the penguin pretty easy.

  •  Please no cussingor fighting verbally over commenting forum.
  • Comment each number once at a time in a comment ( That stands one number per comment )
  • Leave e-mail address if you enter to and also (AIM) if you have one. aim
BREAKING NEWS: Please read below! 🙂 ( CPMONSTER got new penguin ) Very rare.
  • Leave a comment below about this if you are interested in trading penguins. Leave comment below. I am willing to do any trade I don’t care. I have Baskteball45, back with his name on Club Penguin so now you can see him back on this Club Penguin cheats  Site! Please e-mail about this penguin named  Ajinator. ( )

Picture below of PENGUIN.


  • New Club Penguin cheats updates!

  • The Club Penguin log-in screen has been updated to a FESTIVE theme! Has a link to donate  coins for needy. ( This is a great design I love it ) Look at poll and vote below. Picture of updated Club Penguin screen log-in is below for you to view and go to to also  below to expression you felling about this new improvement. ( Or click this link below to is below ” Which one did you like better” is the title.

  • Also there is an important notice for Club Penguin Mission Cheats.
  • You will have to be a agent in-order to touch these missions and the mission can’t be completed without having completed all the missions up to 9. Now if you want to do this then click this banner for the Club Penguin Mission Cheat page. ( Please not on this page is  HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF PSA ( Become a agent )


December 14, 2008

Rockhopper Tracking Team – UPDATED page’s

  • We are devoted to finding Rockhopper for you and that is why I have made a page for you viewer’s and I to comment… to find Rockhopper way faster.
I was wanting to make a TRACKER, but instead we are only updating you by leaving a comment telling where he was last seen.
Click here to be lead to the RHST ( Rockhopper tracking team )
  • Rockhopper is roaming everywhere lately and we are keeping you updated by letting you REFRESH the page to see where he might be located.
Rockhopper was last spotted in:
  • Location: Frozen
  • Room: The Ice Berg
Time was: Club penguin time (  2:50 pm )
We will keep you updated on this so refresh or leav a comment on where you have seen him!
In other new’s we have updated our site.
  • Our page’s are update click each link to view them.
  1. New picture’s in the funny page – CLICK HERE
  2. New password box page – CLICK HERE ( Giveaway your old penguin’s )
  3. Would you like to be FAMOUS faster on “Club Penguin”  CLICK HERE
Thank you and leave your comment below, REMEMBER that “Club penguin” has Rockhopper going everywhere so to help use out leave a comment for us to tell the rest of the viewers of where he is located.

December 13, 2008

Rockhopper Tracker and other site update’s

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Hey I am here to help you guy’s find Rockhopper.

The way to do this is to either click the page link below to go to Rockhopper tip’s and more:

Below is a Rockhopper Tracker that has been proven to work, but not always accurate.

I will find a better one later for right now this one will be up, it may not be working probably.

We have updated the site.

Below are the change’s we have made:

1. UPDATED CSS and I got to say it is looking pretty good 🙂

2. Added 2 new page’s.

-Club penguin cheats

-Rockhopper finding guide

3. Updated side bar and that is looking fresh and new with picture’s long text box’s and more.

4. Also I have designed my comment box for Christmas! 🙂




Many more UPDATE’S to be happening!


Club Penguin ninja black belt trainer info

Um first off this program is very hard to learn and just isnt a like hack that takes you seconds to learn… we are trying to make this BLACK BELT trainer quickly and as we do this please be patient because I am trying my best.

Below are some questions and answers:

What is this program?

It allows you to become a ninja, black belt penguin in less than a min. ( But as we told you above there are some major glitche’s and some nasty bugs in this program… my brother and I will release it in 5 days. )

How is this possible?

WPE PRO is the basic ingredient.

It allows you to adjust the games details and you are able to recieve it.

Will there be a way to get banned?

No 100% risk free

If there is any problems over the weekend I will post them for you all to know. 🙂


December 12, 2008

Club penguin cheat – How to get unlimited coin’s cheat

UPDATE: Don’t have to e-mail here is the link please comment if you need help here is a screen shot of it below:


( CLICK to enlarge )


This post will explain how to recieve a ulimited amount of coin’s for your penguin which would be a limit of 1 million coin’s! This is the ultimite “Club penguin cheat” ever and you can recieve it by just commenting below with your e-mail and also your info.

Please look below as a penguin that experienced what your about to:


If you are confused by this please e-mail me at

If you can’t figure it out by yourself and need help we will be glad to add your coin’s to your penguin 100% risk free!

The program allows you to do these things listed below:

1. Recieve Rockhopper’s background at any time ( So you can make a penguin and not even have to search for Rockhopper….

2. You can get the latest pin and also random item’s that are not old just like a couple that are new.

3. Get a MILLION coin’s and there is no ban.

4. It is just a awesome program and you will be one happy penguin after this.


Thank you comment below on your thought’s and remember you can recieve this program by requesting it below!

Also here is a old video of a cheat with Mike 92’s double account glitch program that is now disabled:

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