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April 10, 2009


Go here for the Easter Eggs and more!!!!

Click here to find eggs and their hiding places!!!!

Go here for egg hunt too

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March 21, 2009

Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker and Aunt Arctic Tracker


January 15, 2009

Member Party!

THE DANCE-A-THON HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! , just over 12 hours late. Remember only members can get inside. Although, if you are not a member, I have a solution at the very bottom of this post.

This picture here, is the outside remodel!backgroundThere are three floors! The first floor I will show you is the lower floor. It has many cool things, such as :

Free Item! Yes, if you can access the Night Club, you can get a free item. This free item is a boom box, which you can wear and break dance! This is located beside the door, as shown in the picture.


New Game! This new multi-player game involves a guitar hero like skill to master it’s intensity. It includes many levels of intensity, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert. Simply match the arrows on the screen with the arrows on your keyboard! Here’s a picture of the game.

gameThe Big Screen T.V! This T.V lets you see your name, and other penguin names, that are in the room. Every three seconds new names appear by the three. Look for my penguin name on the board!


The Second floor I will show you, is for all you instrument lovers! Also highlighted in red is the new dance moves!

instrumentThe Roof! This is the third floor. It’s a nice palce to hang out with your friends, pretend you are a DJ, and get blind by the lights! As you can see there is alot of communication of DJ Cadence, they want to meet her and get her free background. Here’s a picture.

roofOne more thing to mention is that, if you do happen to find DJ Cadence Click on her, and get the free background. Below are a few pictures of what she looks like, and what the free Item is.

Here is her image of the Real Penguin

dudeAnd Here is the Free Background image

dudeeeThanks Lux for the pictures.

This has been Cautioned. Your Member party update.

SIDE NOTE – Don’t have membership? Click on the links below to view the party rooms.

  • Click HERE to see the town and the outside Re-Model
  • Click HERE to see the inside of the new Night Club
  • Click HERE to play the New Game
  • Click HERE to see the Lounge, or instrument room as I mentioned
  • Click HERE to see the Roof


December 30, 2008

CPMONSTER Is Back To Club Penguin

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For those of you who do not know that I have returned, then you know now. I made a commitment to bring you Club Penguin Cheats daily … and though I have not posted lately, I will be updating this Club Penguin Blog daily. I will be addng a new author to the site as well.

  • My penguin name is Basketball45, but for now I play on Ajinator.
  • Here is my penguin’s profile picture.
  • He is pretty popular on Club Penguin, but Basketball45 will be the main one for ever. So  anyways I will have a AUTHOR COMPETITION. ( So stay tuned )
  • Also visit my ABOUT ME PAGE for more about me! Click Here

December 28, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats Update

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Tonight is the Club Penguin Mission 10 release! ( Check here for the written guide and video . ) You will not be able to play this mission without finishing all the older mission’s first. If you want to finish the mission’s I have written guide and I will have instruction video’s.


I will be the first one to update on the mission, I will work hard to bring you Club Penguin Cheats  for the mission 10.

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