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April 10, 2009


Go here for the Easter Eggs and more!!!!

Click here to find eggs and their hiding places!!!!

Go here for egg hunt too

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March 21, 2009

Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker and Aunt Arctic Tracker


January 15, 2009

Member Party!

THE DANCE-A-THON HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! , just over 12 hours late. Remember only members can get inside. Although, if you are not a member, I have a solution at the very bottom of this post.

This picture here, is the outside remodel!backgroundThere are three floors! The first floor I will show you is the lower floor. It has many cool things, such as :

Free Item! Yes, if you can access the Night Club, you can get a free item. This free item is a boom box, which you can wear and break dance! This is located beside the door, as shown in the picture.


New Game! This new multi-player game involves a guitar hero like skill to master it’s intensity. It includes many levels of intensity, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert. Simply match the arrows on the screen with the arrows on your keyboard! Here’s a picture of the game.

gameThe Big Screen T.V! This T.V lets you see your name, and other penguin names, that are in the room. Every three seconds new names appear by the three. Look for my penguin name on the board!


The Second floor I will show you, is for all you instrument lovers! Also highlighted in red is the new dance moves!

instrumentThe Roof! This is the third floor. It’s a nice palce to hang out with your friends, pretend you are a DJ, and get blind by the lights! As you can see there is alot of communication of DJ Cadence, they want to meet her and get her free background. Here’s a picture.

roofOne more thing to mention is that, if you do happen to find DJ Cadence Click on her, and get the free background. Below are a few pictures of what she looks like, and what the free Item is.

Here is her image of the Real Penguin

dudeAnd Here is the Free Background image

dudeeeThanks Lux for the pictures.

This has been Cautioned. Your Member party update.

SIDE NOTE – Don’t have membership? Click on the links below to view the party rooms.

  • Click HERE to see the town and the outside Re-Model
  • Click HERE to see the inside of the new Night Club
  • Click HERE to play the New Game
  • Click HERE to see the Lounge, or instrument room as I mentioned
  • Click HERE to see the Roof


Club Penguin Times Update and Member Party!

Alright, we will be updating alot in these days to come. So stay in touch with Cpmonster’s Blog. Anyways the member party will be coming shortly, I hope. There must be a hold up. When the party does show up Cpmonster will be posting on that. For now I’m going to be posting about the Club Penguin Times, Issue # 170!

Club Penguin Times

Aunt Arctic starts off by telling penguins that the member only party is today, and she tells that we will be able to go on the Roof! There will also be a new game, comment on what you think it will be ! It also says to discover a new groove, could it be a new dance or a new theme song?  Remember to try and find DJ Cadence, she will be switching servers alot and probibly will be in the Night Club.


So now that we got some information on the Dance-A-Thon, we can discuss the next party that will be arriving on the 23rd. The anuall Fiesta Party! This party is to bring a little sunshine in from all the cold snow, and shake your blues away! Grab some styles from the Style Catalog and get ready to Party!

  • transpaerent Last but not least, the up coming updates for Club Penguin.
  • The first one is gong to be today the 15th, the member party will be arriving.
  • The next update to happen is Tomorrow, the new Better Igloos Catalog.
  • Next week Friday, Club penguin will be hosting their annuall Fiesta Party!
  • And finally on the 30th, the new Snow and Sports Catalog will be updated with new clothing.

events1Just a Side Note: Grab the latest pin, because this Saturday there will be a new pin, in it’s new location!

This has been your Newspaper update!


January 12, 2009

Club Penguin Member Party Update – Dance Challenge

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WOW – This is a crazy Club Penguin Update. On Thursday 15th the member party will be launched and the Dance Club will be changed dramatically. There will be 3 new dance floors that can be explored, you will have a chance to meet the  DJ Cadence. I will have a complete update on this awesome Club Penguin event 🙂  Take a look at the photo that is below … this photo can tell you how fun this update will be! If you aren’t a member and need a membership, click here to be tooken to my membership contest.
Sadly they might bring back the 3-D glasses, which first appeared in the dance club as a free item.
  • Well this update will change Club penguin big time. Hopefully your excited too!Tell me your thoughts about it below in a comment 🙂       

January 9, 2009

Club Penguin New Play

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Club Penguin has re-released their older play with some new updates and more …

There are no cheats this week for the plays catalog.




There is a robot that just got added to the scene as well.




The costume’s have been brought back as well. Look below for their special dances.

The blue superhero dance:


The pink superhero dance:


The photographer dance:



  • Breaking news: We are adding a new author to the site by today 🙂 It might be anyone who entered in our author/editor contest. Click here to go to that certain post.

January 6, 2009

Club Penguin Moderation Team

The Club Penguin Moderation team is a full squad of hard working people. They devote their time to moderate our favorite game from, hacker’s , predator’s and many more online frightful thing’s. Their mission is to bring the best idea’s and thoughts to keep us interested in playing. They must have done a great job because we have over million’s playing Club Penguin around the world! Here are statistics of non-member’s and member’s that are on Club Penguin:


– Club Penguin Player count. ( This number includes accounts not being used )

1,456,000 player accounts on Club Penguin at date DECEMBER 12th. These might not be accurate number’s, but they are close.

  • If you ever wondered how many moderator’s are on Club Penguin here is a list of them below 🙂
  1. Billybob ( The most famous moderator on Club Penguin )
  2. Screenhog
  3. Gizmo
  4. Rsnail
  5. Happy77
  • Club Penguin Moderatr’s ( Rsnail, Billybob, Gizmo )

New Club Penguin Member Party Spolier

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Club penguin New’s – There is a member party spolier and it has just been posted on the official web blog. This picture of the new party looks pretty interesting. Look below to see the club penguin cheats party update …



Member party will be going from January 15-18th. These are always fun because they give out gifts that only members can recieve. I believe just to be fair they should give a party for the non-members of Club Penguin, that is just my opinion. Anyways if you look at this picture below you will see the recent member party.

Thats all the Club Penguin new’s for today! 🙂




January 3, 2009

Club Penguin Discussion

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Welcome to my daily dose of Club Penguin Talk! ( Leave your Club Penguin discussion below ) Leave your name and e-mail so I can give you a update of my new post on this Club penguin cheats site.

Have you ever been banned for a reason that was uncalled for? Or have you been hacked recently? Well this is a on going thing on Club Penguin and it is frustrating because Club Penguin is owned by Disney and obviously they are going to change the game around. Dont get me wrong Disney is a great addition, hey made the toy code thing which was cool because you can unlock penguin clothing online for your penguin account, from the code’s you recieve. But also the chat moderation has gone up a great deal. You can not advertise your site like say:

  • Search “CPMONSTER” on google ( This is a good way to attract new vistors fast ) 🙂
  • Do you think Club Penguin has changed since Disney took over? Well leave your vote below if we should have a Disney Protest! Look below for some previous Club penguin Protest!
Picture 1# Down with Club Penguin Protest ( Date: August 12th 2008 )
Club Penguin picture 2# ( Ajinator will be here this time if we have a Disney protest! )
  • We might be setting up a Club Penguin protest so stay tunned 🙂 The poll is below!
  • Have you been noticing CLONE’S OF PENGUIN’S lately? Well its a hack the Club Penguin Hq has discovered and they are trying to get people to join their forum. They come on Club Penguin showing it off, by changing puffle color’s, changing clothes on all the penguin’s fast, they also have the BETA HAT too 🙂 This hacking program is amazing. I will have a link to download it when I find it :}
Picture 1# of the hacking program.
Picture 2# of hacking program. ( They can multiple their penguin’s )
  • Club Penguin will eventually find out about this, but it is really to easy to hack Club Penguin. It just takes time and a popular forum or something for the hack to gain popularity.  ((( Well thats it for now for the Club Penguin discussion… Leave your comment below )))
  • New CSS STYLE to arrive soon on this Club penguin Cheats site 🙂 ( Thanks for voting on the last poll ) If you have a comment for the CSS on this site click here for the post.

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