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February 6, 2009

Club Penguin Catalog – Penguin Style Cheats

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Hiya penguins,

Below are all the club penguin cheats for this catalog.

Below are all the awesome clothing cheats ( Hopefully these come in to some use for you )

Fruit Headdress: (To get the headdress, click on the blue-green bubble)


RED Viking Helmet: (To get the helmet, click on the flower pot)


Click the Red Viking helmet three times to make it blue!

Russian Hat: (To get the hat, click on the penguin’s beak)


Pink Pom-Pom Toque: (To get the toque, click on the “A” in “ClearAnce”)


Red Hoodie: (To get the hoodie, click on the “L” in “Clearance”)



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