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October 29, 2008

Hall-o-ween party, With more pictures then the other guys ;)

Hey cpmonster here with excluse pics of the hall-0-ween party,

Here they are…..

Heres The pumpkin basket Its in the snow forts =)

Heres were one of the candys are

Heres all the candy after you complete the candy hunt

And heres the reward.

And heres a relly awesome picture of the dock (Do you see the beta Bikeboy 93)

Well theres a bunch of cool pics hope you enjoyed 🙂



October 28, 2008

300,000 Hit party!

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Hey everyone Im haveing a 300,000 Hit party soon.

Im working on the invtion Everyones invited!

Hope you can make it

–Im out–


Looking for someone to help with our ccs!

Hey everyone cpmonster here,

And Im looking for someone to help out with our sites ccs.

So anyone looking to help just comment (Must have ccs on your site)

Thanks alot guys,


I recoverd a very old penguin and I’m giving it away!!

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Hello everyone Cpmonster here with some breaking news!

Ive been working all day long trying recover old penguins,

I found a few out But the one im giving away is awesome.

His name is :Halos at war: This penguin has 1000000 coins on it and a bunch of old itums heres a pic.

It shows up as penguin39099371

If you want this penguin leave a comment with your E-mail….

Sence I know alot of people will be leaveing comment one random person will be picked.

So good luck the winner will be annouced on october 31st.

Good luck,


October 25, 2008

New admin!

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New Admin

hey everyone I am the newest admin on the cpmonster site

I hope to put some post and help with the ccs on this site

heres my penguin if you all havent seen me (halo and me)


heres my likes on cp

my favorite itum: bunny ears pink
my favorite game: tic-tac-toe
my penguins favorite food; pizza
my favorie place : cove or mine shaft

ok thank you guys for cheaking out this post.

for my site click here 


October 23, 2008

New news paper

Tommarow will be the 3rd Anniversary PARTY 🙂

The same as last year and the year before there will be a anniversary party hat. What do you think the color will be?

The party runs from October 24-26th, so party as much as possible.

Also ROCKHOPPER will be attending the party as well so expect fun things to happen!

Also October 29th will be club penguin halloween hugh party.

Important update from Club penguin cheats site… THE STORM is nearing closer and might possibly be massive destruction to CLUB PENGUIN. Hopefully this storm has no affect on the parties coming up.

Congradulations to the winners of the Halloween decorating contest! Below are the winner’s.

The upcoming events are the following:

October 24th – Friday: 3rd Anniversary party on CLUB PENGUIN

October 29th – Halloween party

October 31st – New sports catalog and SNOW catalog ( I will have all the lastest club penguin cheats, glitches and more so check back when the catalogs come out!

~CPmonster TEAM~




October 22, 2008

Storm update and more!

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Hello penguin’s,

Bad news and good news,

There is a STORM coming toward our PENGUIN ISLAND and it looks to be a desaster. This Club penguin cheats site is keeping you updated on every second that this comes closer. Take a look at this picture caught on the bionocualars in the Beach.

Please beaware that the Halloween PARTY might be affected by this (Hopefully not though) 🙂

Thank you 😀


October 18, 2008

Poker Palace | Mobsters

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Hey, Joker here I know this is totally out of the ordanary(spell check sorry) It’s about myspace app’s called poker palace and mobsters. Well theres this mission on mobsters, to the this car called royce armord rolls royce so yea in order to get that you would need to get 20,000 in poker chips well if you didnt get it and really want it email me at and just add me on myspace NOTE: ill telll u my myspace in email. So for those of you who love mobsters heres your cance just me and you at a table on poker palace and i let you win to get $$ chips and then you give it back so never ending contest right here 😉

October 17, 2008

Latest News.

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The new language on clubpenguin shows you penguin id well some of you think my contest for sonicwolf is lame, Well its not i put a square around his Id number and wow its lower than kigpins by a thousand and carolinagurl by 500’s so be sure you might wana enter that contest 😉

Now for the real news, Somethin weird happened on clubpenguin LOOK!

I’m guessing he hacked on clubpenguin before or his name cant be translated in portugues(spell check)- sorry so yea keep a look out on your buddy list also i saw a penguin with his id penguin6 im thinking its a moderator, Somethin new is gonna happen later on today on my site hope it helps you 😉



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Hey Penguins joker here with some awsome news not only that rockhopper is here, 3rd Anniversary is almost here!, Well The awesome thing is every one who made predictions on the hat looked for clues in the paper, I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE THREE COLORS AND I GOT THEM IN THE RIGHT ORDER TOO” Im so happy 2 of my clubpenguin predictions came true well heres what i found out after my prediction

Click to enlarge:

Heres a reminde of my prediction:

I had a feeling it was gonna be those colors. Heres a link you can go to

Now for rockhopper info.

Eye patch came back 4 times :/

In case you can’t see the To Do List:

  • – Judge Halloween igloos with Aunt Arctic
  • – Celebrate Anniversary with Snow Cannon
  • – Eat lot’s of cake
  • – Leaving port Oct.27



October 16, 2008

New Penguin Times.Anniversary

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The new Penguin Times is out, And it’s better than ever first off I will show you my guess for the 3RD party hat. well you guys might think it’s the one you picked but when it comes down to this, i took my time looking through the news paper, And guess what most of the pages had these colors on them

  • Blue (baby blue)
  • Orange (dark)
  • Yellow (normal)

Here is the picture of my prediction.

Notice why i picked 3 colors cause look at this picture.

NOTE: You might not see the outlines very good so ill just tell you

First off, I made an outline around the balloons so you can see that, Second i made a huge box around the important things like that the party got extended “IT HASEN”T EVEN STARTED” so lemmie tell you that sounds SUPER AWSOME” and i did my own outline around the “BIGGER THAN EVER” picture in the news. Also it has a huge 3 beside it so that gave me an idea about the three colors on the hat cause the 2ND Anniversary had two stripes *2ND*=2* and there was no first anniversary it was called beta testin.

So heres the picture.

Click to make bigger.

Yea so thats really important for cp. Now let’s go to the Upcomin Events

Click to enlarge:

  • October 17-26= Igloo Contest
  • October 24= 3D Anniversary & New Pin
  • October 29= Halloween Party
  • October 31= New snow & sports catalog

Just in case you didnt see the front cover of the news paper.

And by the way im making some predictions on the next pin, Please comment about your prediction on the next pin if you agree with my prediction just say ” I Agree” comment below. I think it’s gonna be Candy (any typ) so remember comment below 😉 ~joker

October 14, 2008


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Hey, im the new admin joker and i will be posting for cpmonster if he does not make it to the computer or can’t post then i will post for him. i will also make some pages if he let’s me so visit my site and enojy this site 😉


                                                             ~joker is banned F.E

October 13, 2008


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Hey penguins,
I am deciding to give away a BETA the penguin is very popular to those who know his name.
His name is ridid44… here is a picture of him.
He is very old has been  UPDATED with all the member items and pins.
I will have a SPECIAL CONTEST to win him.
It is a comment contest and you have to comment more than the other people who are against you.
To get started just comment leaving your penguins name and e-mail and continue by commenting lots to win. CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER ON OCTOBER 24TH.
So starting commenting below thank you! 🙂 GOOD LUCK 😉

SORRY for not posting updates…

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Hello I am sorry for being so behide I need another devoted worker to the site to help.

So if you want to help send a e-mail to



The contest has been fun and we have came to a winner of the contest!

The winner had 1,000 comments and totally devoted his whole FALL BREAK on this club penguin cheats site. Thank you everyone who participated but the WINNER is GEORGE2008…

PLEASE e-mail me GEORGE2008 for BASKETBALL45! 🙂 Thank you

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