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September 30, 2008

Club penguin updates also insane penguin giveaway!

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First off, CP plush toys are coming out October 24th and they will be available in TOYS R’ US stores, Disney stores and the CP store that is conviently located on the CP site!

Download here

There is two things to DOWLOAD.

Also there is an update on the Fair the background is the old one which is cool for the people who haven’t gotten it yet. Here is a picture of it.


Also I decided to have a new contest since the membership contest was cancelled due to arguing and more things I can not say. So anyways I am giving away BASKETBALL45.

So here are the rules they are very easy just like the membership contest we are doing another commenting contest which is very easy to participate in!

Here is a picture of BASKETBALL45.

Below is the following rules that have to be followed in order to win!

1. Comments always must contain a NUMBER and it must be in order:

Like in the first comment put 1 and in the other following comment put 2 and so on.

2. Kindness always have respect for your following competitors and never curse/racial slurs/abuse and other things that are inappropriate.

Thank you for READING and start commenting when ever!


September 26, 2008

{Club Penguin Secret Sneak Peek}

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The following post was taken from

When you go to that URL you will see a virtual window and you will be instructed to brush off all of the frost to see a surprise. It says that the surprise will be on October 24th, which is as many of you know, Club Penguin’s birthday. Club Penguin was officially opened October 24th 2005.

May be a secret party or who knows?!

This is the must clear you can see the image, who knows what it is?!

Make a comment saying what you think this is all about, or what you think is in the picture. 😉

Wait until the page loads on 1-2 seconds , put the scroll bar down then put as Print Screen.

September 25, 2008

Sneek peek of Fall Fair!

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Well hello everyone!
                   The Fall Fair sneek peek has just been posted by Billy Bob. Take a look for yourself below!
Comment on what you think will be the free item and the prizes that could be won! 

September 19, 2008

New Editor!

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Hey guys its Chido Quique And now im an editor here!

Anyways since Cpmonster didnt post the catalog secrets im posting them

Here they are (Animated)

Thats all

Chido Quique

Also, im editing the css right now.

Cpmonster is back+Membership giveaway for me coming back!

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Hello viewers…

        Sorry for being gone forever, I have been busy and stuff. Anyway how has everyone been?

As a special treat I am giving away a MEMBERSHIP today!

So to start things off I am giving a Club Penguin 1 month membership for free.

The rules are plain and simple! Just comment as many times as you can and after the contest the winner with the most comments will recieve this:

So start commenting now to win! 😀


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